Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Found Object Art

Recently, we worked on a project that combined Science and Art. We learned about the artist Louise Nevelson and used our knowledge of Objects and Materials to create an assemblage in her style.

Students were tasked with looking for any found object at home and collecting them to bring in. You were not allowed to take something you still owned. It had to be something that was found outside on the ground or was headed for the recycle bin or garbage.

Students spent time sorting their objects based on the material it was made of. They looked at Louise’s Asemblages and how she placed items to create an interesting piece.

We used white glue and a hot glue gun to place items on our cardboard.

Students picked 1 monchromatic colour to spray paint their piece with. We used the colours Louise Nevelson used in her pieces.

(I did the spray painting!)

Here are the finished Assemblages!

We are also starting an Outdoor Learning Challenge for the month of June! Come follow along on Twitter @mssaintlaurent or Instagram @reneesaintlaurent!

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