Thursday, 5 November 2015

Organization with class numbers

I`ve started organizing many things in my class for the students based on numbers. Each kid has a class number that helps them locate their materials. It has cut down on having to re-label things every year with a new group of kids. It also helped in getting new kids in the middle of the year! I recently had a student move and I am getting a new one on Monday! Easy peasy! They just took over that kids number and I already have his math bag, book bin and daily 5 board labelled and ready to go because of it!

There are still some things I keep names on for the students . (coat hooks, hometime folders, etc) But this helped a ton with getting ready in September! I could label everything early! I also didn`t even have to re-print new numbers for some things!

Here is what I label with numbers:

Book Bins

I labelled these last year and my kids took such great care of them we re-used almost all this year!
Kids find their number when going out to daily 5. The duotangs in the book bins also have their number on them.
Math Bags

Kids find their bag and take it with them to Math daily 5.


I also labelled as many things in the bag as I could with their number. If something gets left on the ground….you know which bag it belongs too!


Question of the Day Magnets

Kids answer the question of the day in the morning by putting up their magnet on the ten frame.


Daily 5 Choice Board

I used to have names here last year and every time a new kid came I had to re-print on coloured paper, laminate, and move everyone’s names in alphabetical order.


How do you organize and label things?


  1. Fantastic! I use numbers as well. What do you use the green ten squares in the math tool bags for?


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