Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Wednesday in Pictures

Here is what we have been up to!


We have been loving our new iPad document camera and have been using it for everything! Reading books, showing math games, showing small manipulatives and materials, drawing and writing!


We started a new classroom job this year called Blogger of the Week. The kids get to help post pictures and thoughts about our learning from the week on our class weebly. They then take home a note reminding moms and dads to check it out!


In Theme, we have been learning about daily and seasonal changes. We are using anchor charts to help us remember the important info about each season.


Collaborative Line Leaf Art

I love chalk pastel! These turned out great! After exploring with different kinds of lines on our whiteboards, kids went out with a partner and collaborated together on a leaf using different kinds of lines and colours.


Happy Wednesday!


  1. The leaves are stunning! What did you use to draw the outlines of the leaves with before hand? Or is it just a white pastel chalk as well?


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