Friday, 23 October 2015

Digital Learning Journals with Seesaw

Grade 1 has been so busy!

We just finished Tri-Conferences this week with parents.

This year my kids created digital learning journals through Seesaw.

This app is amazing. It is kid friendly, free, and can be used in any grade.
The teacher creates their class with each child getting their own special learning journal.


Students have a QR code login, which takes them directly to their journal.


Students can add documents through photos, videos, links, drawings and more!


For Example:

When adding a photo, you can record your voice over it, annotate and draw right on it or add text! What a fantastic way for students to share their learning and make reflections on their work!

{At the bottom of the picture… you can see choices to record, draw or add text!}

Another great feature is all the apps that connect with Seesaw. There are TONS! My kids created books in book creator and it uploaded right to Seesaw! We re-told stories in educreations and it linked right up!

Here is a link to the Seesaw site that shares all the connecting apps!
Compatible Apps with Seesaw

So many great apps you are already using connect with Seesaw to help students share their learning!

In my teacher account, I can see everyones journal, approve or not approve items added, and manage the whole class! I can also see when parents and students comment on journals!


There is even a parent app! At Tri-Conferences, after kids had shared their learning journal, I gave parents instructions on how they can sign up for their childs journal. Every time we add something new in the journal at school, parents will get a notification and be able to see and share their journal with their child!
Again… Seesaw made it super simple and made the handout for me!


Here was the set-up at Tri-Conferences to share with our parents!


Go check out Seesaw and try it for yourself!

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