Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Make your own letter stamps!

Letter stamps are a great way for students to work on building, creating and spelling words. I use them as a choice during word work in Daily 5.

However, they can be quite expensive at the teachers store. I recently found some materials at the dollar store to make 3 full letter sets for under $5!

I bought 3 sets of foam letters from the dollar store. They had capitals and lowercase but I chose just the lowercase sets. I popped them all out of their molds.


I then needed a way to attach a handle of sorts to the back for kids to hold when stamping. I had a leftover foam mat from a set I had bought so I thought I would use that!


I just eyeballed it and cut out rectangles with my exacto knife.


Then I set out to hot glue the letters onto the rectangles! Make sure to glue them the correct way for stamping!


This is 1 finished set. I made 3 sets of each letter so 3 kids could be using the stamps at the same time.


I might also use a paint pen or something to write the letter on the back of the rectangle so kids know which way to hold the stamp when stamping.

Here they are in use with an ink pad!


Try it out for a cheap word work idea!

I have also added my Daily 5 anchor charts to TPT if you want to check them out!


  1. Very nice letters. Thank you for the post. I am going to make some.

    1. So cheap and easy! Thanks for stopping by!



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