Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Hands On Math Activities

I wanted to share some of the activities my kids were picking from during Math Daily 3 near the end of the year.

Math with Someone:  Take Ten

Students work on finding pairs that make 10 and removing them from the game board.
IMG_3549 - Copy

Math Writing: Cross Number Puzzles

These crossword number puzzles are awesome! They are sequential and get harder and harder. They were designed by a Canadian Educator and fit the curriculum for my kids perfectly. After doing a few together, my kids can independently read and solve most questions. They have puzzles designed for K-4. You can find more about them {HERE}

IMG_3550 - Copy

Math with Someone: Space Race

Another friends of 10 activity, students turn over a card and put their counter on the number that goes with it to make 10. So if you turn over a 10, you put your counter on a 0 because 10 + 0 = 10.

IMG_3551 - Copy

Math by Myself: Bear Toss

Students toss their bears on the plate and remove the bears that land face down. They then work on writing a  subtraction number sentence to match.

IMG_3553 - Copy

Math by Myself: Number Puzzle

This activity works on matching up a ten frame picture to a number sentence to the answer.


Extra Math: Don`t Capture the Tens!

If students are done their Math Writing before the round is up, they can take out their deck of cards and play some independent games.


I am always looking for new math activity ideas with minimal prep and paper!


  1. Renee, these games are EXACTLY what i need. I'm pinning them all and am going to start making them up in the next week. Thank you VERY much for sharing!

  2. Send me a email and I will send you what I have! Sometimes it's more work to post them on TPT with a title page and credits page etc lol.


  3. I would love the "Take 10" game, if possible. kkanas@speedwayschools.org Thanks so much for the great inspiration!

  4. Hi Renee, I would love to have a copy of Space Race and Take Ten if possible. I am starting the Daily 3 in my second grade class this year and I think these will be awesome games to start the year. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sharnee,

      Send me an email @ reneesaintlaurent@hotmail.com and I will send you the games!


    2. Hi there Renee, I love these math games and would love to share them with my kiddos. Would you be able to email me spacerace, Take Ten, and number puzzle please. Thanks so much! christina.rich@bryanisd.org.

  5. These are awesome! I'd love to use them with my kiddos! Can you email them to me? Thanks a bunch! sliuag@cnusd.k12.ca.us

  6. Are you still sharing these or have you added them to a TPT page? These are exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. I just looked at the site where they sell the crossword puzzles. They intrigue me. They're so very expensive though. Maybe I can put them on a wish list.


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