Sunday, 17 May 2015

Simple Skip Counting Activities

My kids have been working on solidifying their skip counting patterns for grade 1.
In grade 1, we need to know how to skip count by 5’s and 10’s to 100 and by 2’s to 30.

A simple activity we did, had kids sorting by groups of 2 using beans. Their job was to sort by 2 and use sticky notes to label!

We first sat as a group at the smartboard and sorted our beans under the ipad makeshift document camera. I had students come up to add more beans and we recorded the next step in the pattern. 

Our makeshift document camera works great when you have something small to show! They could see each new bean being added and see how we skipped 1 number and then counted the next.


Document camera = ipad on camera mode, hooked up to the projector, resting on 2 lamps in our classroom while we work underneath! It works!

Students were then sent out with some beans, sticky notes, a marker, and a partner!

Their job was to work together to sort and label!


Students were then tasked with showing their numbers with beansticks and beans. They worked in Book Creator to create a skip counting book for conferences.

This was a great activity to see if students new how and when to trade in their single beans (ones) for a beanstick (ten). They had to take photos of each new number in the pattern as they kept adding on.

They could choose to make their book showing skip counting by 5 or 2!


easy Peasy!

Some beans and sticky notes makes a great formative assessment!

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