Saturday, 4 April 2015

Printmaking Idea and a Make Ten Idea

It’s my second last day of Spring Break! :(

I have been relaxing to the max this week, and did a whole lot of nothing! A couple weeks ago, I was in Palm Springs with some fellow colleagues for the annual CUE Conference.


We had such a great time and I came back with a few more ideas to use with my kids. I will be sharing more about those as I use them in my class. (green screens, AR (augmented reality) etc)

Last week, our whole school worked on an art project for the rights of a child. Our whole school division is taking part in a art piece about Human Rights and the rights of a child. Each child got a 8x11 board to creatively show 1 of the rights of the child.

Our class had Article 27:
You have the right to food, clothing, a safe place to live and to have your basic needs met.

We displayed this right by using simple symbols to show food, clothing and shelter. We used a printmaking technique to stamp our symbols on our boards.

Step 1: Paint a piece of foam with tempera paint. (thin, no blobs)
Step 2: Draw your picture into the paint, using  a q-tip.
Step 3: Press your paper down on top of the foam and press down!
Step 4: Peel off the paper to see your print!


During Morning Meeting, we have been working on a variety of activities to help us learn our Make 10 facts.

One of the activities we did last week is called “Bears in a Cave.”

There are 10 bears (counters, chips, etc) and a cave (bowl or cup).

1 student hides some of the bears in the cave while the other student closes their eyes. After they are done, they tell a story to the other student.

“There are 10 bears in total. 5 bears are outside the cave. How many are hiding in the cave?”


The other student needs to use their friends of ten knowledge to figure out the partner number of 5 that makes 10.

“There are 5 bears in the cave because 5 + 5 = 10.

This is a great activity to help students find the missing part in a number sentence! Easy to make and play and can be used for any number!

Happy Easter Sunday!


  1. Really like the Bears in a cave activity.
    Lovely prints, too!
    Grade ONEderful
    BL Designs

  2. Are those just plastic place mats you use for painting? That is brilliant. I always have to hunt down newspaper or something to cover the table. The printmaking turned out pretty neat! I've never tried that with my students.

    Also, super jealous you went to Palm Springs. It looks so beautiful and the conference sounds pretty neat!

    First Grade Garden

    1. Hey Amanda,

      Yes those are placemats from target! I was always putting down table cloths etc too! I have a class set and they are nice and large, so fit different sizes of paper.


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