Monday, 20 April 2015

Getting ready for Parent Conferences

This week we have Tri-Conferences at my school and I wanted to share some of the things my kids would be sharing with their parents.

Tri-Conferences consist of a meeting between the student, parent and teacher. The students share their learning independently with their parents for 20 minutes and then meet with the teacher to discuss their learning for 10 minutes. (30 minute conference)

I have tried many different structures over the years for my students tri-conferences including portfolios, centres, digital portfolios, and learning projects.

For the past 2 years, my students have shared various learning projects through technology with their parents. This has been the easiest way for us to show the learning that takes place in our class.

Here is what my students are sharing during their 20 minutes:

1. Storyteller Book

I shared previously how my students created their own listen to reading book for Daily 5. Their parents will listen to them read on their recording and follow along in their book.


2. Subtraction and Addition Stories

Students made videos of themselves telling a subtraction problem story and an addition problem story with manipulatives. We uploaded them to dropbox and made QR codes to link to their videos.


3. Art Movie

I keep all the students artwork at school throughout the year in a big portfolio for each of them. I send it home at the end of the year. We made movies in Shadow Puppet to show all our artwork so far to our parents, as they have not seen it! We uploaded again to dropbox and made a QR code for it.


4. Skip Counting Book

Students worked with a partner to create a skip counting book in Book Creator, showing one of our skip counting patterns in grade 1. (2, 5 or 10) Again, uploaded to to dropbox and then ibooks.


5. My Favourite Book

Students wrote about their favourite books and why. We drew a character from the book and then recorded them telling about why it was their favourite. QR codes were created of their recording and attached to their picture.


Once students are done sharing, they come meet with me with their parents and we go through their data binders together and talk about how they are doing in grade 1!

Before our tri-conference date, we spend lots of time practicing with the ipad to make sure we know to get on the internet, scan the apps etc.


How do you run parent conferences?

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