Thursday, 12 March 2015

What we did this week

We have no kids tomorrow as it is Report Card Writing Day. I am already done my reports (yahoo) so I will be spending the day cleaning, organizing stuff and getting ready for my sub next week as I will be in Palm Springs for the week for the annual CUE Conference. (Computer using Educators….tech stuff)

I had a ton of photos on my ipad of things we did this week and I thought I would share some! I love seeing photos of people doing things in their class as it always gives me ideas! I get waaayyy more ideas for activities from people sharing pics, than people sharing a product they made :s (just saying….I know I share products too at times!)

So here are some things we worked on in no particular order:

Working on Ideas in Writing:

We read The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown and worked on using her structure to write interesting sentences that stick to the main idea. We wrote one together, they wrote one with a partner and then they wrote one by themselves.

Here is our Ideas Anchor Chart (ideas for the chart are from 6+1 Writing Traits)


Here is the one we wrote together:


Here are some of the ones they wrote independently. Quite a few of my students struggled with this. They reverted back to the “ I like it, it is good, it is fun” types of sentences. This is a tough activity when 20 out of 23 students of mine are EAL. We worked on whiteboards so as to easily write and re write if needed.


(The important thing about a shark is that it can fight with a dangerous animal. They surf for food like seals and fish. They are fast like a motorcycle and they eat people too. Their teeth are very sharp. They are amazing. But the most important thing about a shark is that it can fight with a dangerous animal.)


Portrait Drawing in Art

I made a makeshift document camera with my ipad and lamps! It worked alright. I used the camera app to document what I was drawing and display it on the smartboard for them to watch step by step. Could I have drawn on the smartboard? Yes. Could I have drawn on the whiteboard? Of course. But I wanted to try it out. Excited to use it to show things in math !


Art Video

I keep all the kids art at school in a big folder until the end of the year and then they take it all home. We decided to make a video to share at conferences to show moms and dads all our art so far because they haven’t seen any of it!
We took pictures of every piece of art in our folder and then used Shadow Puppet to create a video. Students had to add a title to each piece of art and chose music for the background.


Morning Message

I realized that we have some misconceptions about turnaround facts in math. We have been talking a lot about how when you add, you can flip or turnaround the parts and you get the same answer. Well they have been thinking that the same is true for subtraction.

Teaching moment: re- go over that when you subtract the bigger number needs to go first. Fact Family !


Another Art Piece! Collaborative Abstract Art

Students were given criteria and they had to work with a partner to plan and create an piece.
Choose 1 colour paint
Choose 2 shapes (each paints one)
Paint shapes in black
Use the paint to make a tint and a shade
Fill in all sections with no white space



And here, in all its glory is the wonderfulness of the Open Area School. The arrows indicate different things going on in the same area. We have kids working on Art (inside and outside the classroom), kids on computers, teachers having an impromptu hallway meeting, an EA working 1:1 with a student, and kids listening to a story in their classroom. It’s a tad crazy at times!


Tomorrow is Friday and my Birthday!!! Goodbye to my 20’s! Have a great weekend!


  1. Well happy birthday to you! Welcome to your thirties!
    I've been following your blog a long time and was surprised to read how young you are. Your ideas are so wise and mature I thought for sure you were in your 40s somewhere:)
    Great post, as usual. I've never had the kids do their writing on a white board. I might try that. Looks like they did a great job following the writing structure!

    Grade ONEderful
    Barbara Leyne Designs

    1. Thanks Barbara for the sweet comment! Definitely made my day !


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