Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Simple Effective Math Activities

Hello folks,

I wanted to share some of the simple math activities we have been using in class lately.

I for one, hate printing in ink, hate printing things with tons of extra clipart (sorry!) and do not like activities which are a one time go. (ex. worksheets) While I do use worksheets on occasion, for subs or some summative assessment, I try to stay away from them. Waayyy to much paper being used and the activity can’t be repeated.

Almost all of the math activities my kids engage in use whiteboards and math materials. (dice, ten frame cards, deck of cards, counters, game boards, etc) There are exceptions however and I do make and print simple games for my kids!

I try to plan activities that my kids can go to over and over again and continue to learn new things.

Here are some of the activities that are in our bins right now for Math Daily 5.

Memory 5 

Kids are playing memory and matching up combinations that make 5. I made cards with dot patterns, numbers, and finger patterns on them. You could easily use a deck of cards or ten frame cards and only use the cards that make 5!


Clear the Board

This is counting on game. Be the first person to clear all your counters off the board by rolling 2 dice and adding!


Ways to Make

Kids have a target number and double sided chips. Drop your chips and record all the different ways to make your number by adding red plus white. This is another activity we do again and again on whiteboards. Easily differentiated by changing the number of chips!


Hundreds Chart Puzzles

Print out a hundreds chart and cut it up! Students work to put it back in the correct order. I made about 6 different puzzles, all with varying degrees of difficulty. Students can continue to go back and try the different ones. Lots of number sense and pattern thinking needed!


Roll and Add

Roll 2 dice, add and record! I made my own dice on foam blocks so students could practice certain number combinations. Put inside a page protector to use as a whiteboard.


What kind of simple activities are you using in math? I would love some new easy ideas!


  1. Simple and effective is smart! The cutesy glorified worksheets aren't nearly as effective.

  2. I love your games, Renee! Even though I LOVE clipart :) I steer clear of worksheets, too. I'm pinning your games.

    BL Designs
    Grade ONEderful


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