Saturday, 31 January 2015

Create your OWN Listen to Reading Books!

I found this great idea from Kayla over at Top Dogs Teaching. Visit her blog to get the step by step on how to use the App Audio Boom!
We used her idea to create our own Listen to Reading Books for Daily 5. We have been talking about why we do Listen to Reading and how it helps us become better readers.

Why do Listen to Reading:
  • It`s fun
  • You can read books that are too hard for you to read on your own
  • You can hear what good storytellers sound like
  • You can hear what fluent readers sound like
We created an anchor chart of what we noticed when we listened to books by good storytellers.


Students then had the chance to sign up to come and record themselves reading a book. They needed to be able to do everything on the chart.  Students used Read to Self time to practice reading fluently and changing their voice!
Here is the sign up sheet I made.


I chose to have students record during recess time as we are an open area school and it is one of the only times when you can find quiet. (unless its indoor recess, which of course is what happened our first day of recording! UGH)

Here is the set up for recording. I used a little mini microphone on my ipad to help eliminate background noise but it is totally not necessary.

photo 1

Once the recording is complete, you upload and Audio Boom creates a QR code for you!


I decided to print the QR codes and tape them onto index cards. The great thing is many kids can record themselves reading the same book and you can have multiple cards with different QR codes on them for different kids readings!

I put the book in a bag with the index card. On the index card I wrote who it was read by.


I created a new Listen to Reading bin for just our Storyteller Books. Kids can come to the bin, take out a bag and scan the QR code with the ipad to listen to!


Go check out Kaylas post to learn how to use Audio Boom to record!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Smart idea!! What student doesn't want to listen to themselves or a friend read a story! :) Thanks for sharing.

    First Grade Garden


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