Monday, 8 December 2014

Part 3 Report Writing

We are well underway on our Penguin Report.

Next, we took all of our sticky notes under Confirmed and New Information and sorted them into categories.
We noticed we had some gaps in our learning and needed more info under What Penguins Eat. We went back and looked on the internet to find more info.

I then took all the facts and wrote them out on big sheets of paper.

Criteria for Report Writing

* You must 2 facts to write from each topic.
* You need to write on a new page every time you go to a new topic.
* You must print neatly, with your letters the correct size.
* You must re-read your writing to make sure it makes sense.

(We will add in other criteria as we move to adding an intro sentence, title, etc)

Students were in charge of moving between the 5 stations, picking 2 facts at each and recording them on their report paper.


Next, is to take all of our report pages and put them into a book with a title, pictures, etc.

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