Monday, 3 November 2014


Holy Moly….I got super busy and this blog took a back seat. Since the last time I posted, I moved out of my condo, moved into a house, had parent teacher conferences, my student teacher started back, I started Zumba 2 nights a week and ringette started again!

Yikes it is!

I am here just to share some pics of how I am using my open concept room with a variety of learning environments Smile

It is tricky at times because of the different work spaces and seating. I don’t have seating for all my kids so times when I want to do whole group activities (not very often) I have to get creative!

We used the open floor in front of our room to work on some art projects this past week.

I also sat in front of them outside the room as I modelled the art directions.


Where do you do art?


  1. Your school's set-up amazes me. I don't know how you do it! I just can't imagine not having my kids contained. You are amazing! We do art all over the place...we recently did paintings that were too big for desks, so once I modelled the directions, they were laying anywhere they could find space!

    1. Yes it is a little too open at times lol. We used to have an art room but wig a growing population it got turned into an EAL room.


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