Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Report Writing

This year, part of my Professional Growth is focusing on writing. I have always gone about it in bits and pieces, but never set a scheduled time down in my day plan for it.

This year, I have work on writing during Daily 5 (every day), as well as 3 other Writers Workshop times planned in.

We have been doing journal writing in our writers notebooks during Daily 5 and we started looking at report writing during Writers Workshop time.

I have always done report writing closer to the end of grade one. This year, we are going to try and do it 3 times. This first time is shared writing with the teacher. 2nd time will be guided writing and 3rd time will be independent writing.

We looked at a report about Beavers and talked about what we noticed. We created a chart of the things reports have.

photo 2photo 1

We looked at fiction and non-fiction books in our reading corner and decided which would help us write a report. Reporters share facts and information. We might already know a lot about a topic that interests us, but we need to ask questions to make sure our facts are true and so we can become experts!

We decided that together as a class, we were interested in Arctic animals and knew quite a bit already about them. We picked Penguins as our animal to write a shared report on.

We started with writing down what we thought we knew about penguins. Our next step, is to do some research and decide if our facts are confirmed or misconceptions.

photo 3

Stay Tuned!

How do you teach report writing?

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  1. Oh I love this!! I too am trying to focus on writing this year and I have been frustrated with my new assignment of k/1 ( I have never taught gr1!!) I love your anchor chart and I am staying tuned!!!! Thank you!!


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