Saturday, 29 November 2014

Report Writing Part 2

I am back to share our next steps in Report Writing. I mentioned in in my last blog post, that we are going to be doing Report Writing 4 times this year. This first one is a shared/guided Writing experience. We are working together to create 1 report as a class.

We left off with us writing down all the things we think we know about penguins.
Next class, we talked about how we need to know if our facts are true or not. Good reporters ask questions and research their information to make sure they are sharing correct and true facts.

We first decided what books could help us find real facts about penguins. We sorted Fiction and Non Fiction books.


I then read sections of the Non Fiction books and the students listened for facts we had already written down.

We talked about the words Misconception and Confirmed. If we heard our fact in the Non Fiction book and it was the same as what we wrote, we moved our sticky note under Confirmed. If we read our fact in the book but it was different from what we thought, we moved it under Misconception.


Example: We wrote that Penguins can swim. We read the same thing in our book, so it moved under Confirmed. We talked about how these are now true facts we could use in our report.

We also wrote that Penguins live in the Arctic. We read in the books that Penguins live in the Antarctic. We moved this sticky note under Misconception.


We also wrote new pieces of information that we found as we read as well. Since we are doing this whole group, I am reading the books and students are sharing when are where to move the facts.

We talked also how you can’t get everything you need from one book. If you want to be an expert, you might have to read a few books, go on the computer etc.
We also noted that you can’t move a sticky note, unless you have researched the fact. Also, that you may never find the answers to some of our thoughts and it is ok for sticky notes to stay under What I think I know.

When we go to write our report, we will use the facts under Confirmed and New Information.

Next Step is to use a graphic organizer to sort our facts to see if their are any gaps and we need to go back and do more research.

At the end of the year, my kids work on their own report. They have the same headings in a book format and they use sticky notes to record and sort their info.

Stay Tuned!

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