Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Plickers App: Amazing and Simple Assessment Tool

I am super excited to share with you a new app I stumbled upon. Its called Plickers

It’s a tool that allows teachers to collect real-time data without needing student devices!

Here’s how it works.

1. Download the free app and create a class with your students names in it. Have more than 1 class? No need to worry! You can create as many as you need!


2. Create a  question in the app. It can be true or false or multiple choice. You can have up to 4 answers to pick from. A, B, C, D.

3. Now comes the fun part! Go to the Plickers site and print out the special cards.

 Each student gets a certain card each time they answer. The cards have numbers and letters on them. They have enough for big classes as well (up to 63 kids!) I realize I might have cut mine too small as my kids had a hard time holding them without covering up the code. (note: don’t cut off the extra paper!)


For Example: When I create a class, each student I assigned to the class got a certain number. Joe is number 25. When I hand out the cards, I need to give Joe 25 so I know it is his answer.

The 4 letters are for the multiple choice answers. Joe needs to hold his card with the letter up that he thinks is the correct answer. The certain way he holds his card will give his card a special block figure and when I scan it, it will tell me if Joe is right!

Example: Joe is card number 25. I ask the question “ What is 4 + 2?”
A. 7
B. 5
C. 3
D. 6

Joe needs to hold his card with the letter D up, so he will get the question correct.

I recommend trying out some practice questions so kids get the hang of holding up their cards the correct way. So you know if they are answering the question incorrect or didn’t know how to hold their card.

4. I hand out the cards, making sure everyone gets the right number. I ask the question, give everyone a chance to think and hold up their cards the correct way.

(Picture from the website Plickers)

5. This is what I see on my ipad. I click on the camera below and take a photo of them all holding their cards up. (my students names were listed below the question)


What I love: As I scan the group….it tells me what cards it is reading and collecting the info from. After I take the photo, I can see if it missed anyone and if I need to go back and take another photo of the few I missed!

6. Take the photo and collect the real time data!

I see 19 kids got the answer correct. 2 did not. It tells me which 2 kids got it wrong by their numbers.

I can also see what numbers I missed. I missed 14 and 15, so I can go back and take a photo of the 2 of them and collect their data.


You can re use the cards again and again! Just keep writing new questions! You can also use them for multiple classes! You could have 5 kids assigned to number 1 from each different class.

What I love about Plickers:

Great for quick formative assessments. Can I move on? Do I need to reteach? Who do I need to reteach to?

Use for Exit Slips. No more collecting paper. Ask a question at the end of the day and have everyone show their cards and take a photo!

Everyone can engage and participate without being singled out!

Collect quick whole class data.

Re-use the cards.

I just found it yesterday, so I am sure there is more!

Download the app and check it out for yourself!

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