Thursday, 9 October 2014

Showing our learning with the iPad

This week we worked on 2 activities on the iPad that allowed students to show their knowledge and learning of the concepts we have been discussing in class.

I love Apps that are not games or drills, but rather open ended learning tools which students can use in a variety of ways!

The apps we used this week are Educreations and Book Creator.

In Book Creator, students had to create a counting book up to 20. Each number was a different page and they had to have a picture which showed that many objects. While this may seem like a small/easy task, it showed a great deal of what the students could do independently.


Are students able to count with 1 to 1 correspondence?

Do they trust the count?

Are they able to count on or do they have to recount when they reach for more objects?

It also showed a great deal of partner skills, sharing, problem solving and cooperation.

One of the only rules was that they had to have a new object for each page!


Our second activity worked on creating, translating and describing patterns.

Students were tasked with creating an AB, ABC and ABB pattern with the pattern blocks.


They then had to translate their patterns into letters.


We then went into Educreations and they had to replicate their pattern, translate it with letters and then record their voice describing their pattern!


What I love about Educreations is that you can upload things from Dropbox to use!Before the activity, I created a folder in Dropbox with pattern block pictures. The kids simply had to go in and upload the pattern pieces to use to re-create their patterns.

Click on the video to listen to them describe their patterns!!


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