Thursday, 5 June 2014

Tech Talk Thursday: Favourite Site QR Codes

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I’m here to share another simple way to use QR Codes in the classroom to help support independence and management!

My kids are learning about the Characteristics of Living Things in Science and I wanted them to watch some videos about the needs of animals and plants.

Having them type in a web address to find it on Youtube would have taken FOREVER……never mind the other places they could have ended up on there!

So instead….I turned the links from the videos into QR Codes! My kids simply had to scan the QR code and it sent them directly to the video I wanted them to watch.

This is great for all the websites your kids frequently visit in the classroom.  It is fast….no worries about spelling mistakes when typing in an address…and the kids can do it independently.

Every one of my kids was off watching a video in seconds and recording their learning!

My kids had to watch 2 videos and record the needs of an animal and plant. The information all came from the videos.

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Try it out!


  1. I just feel so brain dead when it comes to QR codes. I keep reading about all the fabulous ways teachers are using them. And I really like the idea you shared. Do you already have a post that describes how they work?
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

    1. Hey Barbara , I have a few post about how they work and sites to use. Search qr codes on my blog and all my posts will come up.


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