Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Math Daily 5 Structure and Schedule

A few people have been asking about how I structure my Math block time. I use my own version of Math Daily 5. Keep in mind, this is a mixture of the Daily 5 structure as well as my own thinkings.

There are 4 choices my kids can pick from:

Math by Myself
These are independent math activities, that usually have manipulatives. Sometimes there is a recording page, sometimes not. I like to use activities that kids can go back to more than once.

Math with Someone
These are math partner activities/games. I limit this choice to only 6 kids per round, so I have even pairs.

Math Writing
Math Notebooks: My kids have a math notebook in which they work on an interactive math activity independently.
Question of the Day: My kids can choose to do Question of the Day and answer questions about the data, and then glue in their math notebook

Math Technology
I pick kids for this each round and they work on the ipad. I have also done where 2  kids come up and play a game on the smartboard, but I have found that distracting for the others.

photo 2 (29)

The I charts for each are created with the same criteria as Daily 5 Literacy. They are created with the students and then I put up these ones after. The index cards underneath are the different activities kids can choose from.

My math block is usually 60-75 minutes. I find an hour too short to run a mini lesson and 2 rounds of math. If I only have an hour on some days…we might only get to 1 round.


12:35 Kids come in and pick their choices for 2 rounds. (5 minutes)

12:40 Whole Group Mini Lesson (15-20 minutes)
Teach a new concept, re-teach a concept, extended practice

1:00 Round 1 (15 minutes)
I call kids out for their choices, they grab their materials and get started. I pull kids to my blue table for a small group.

1:15 Energizer and Check In (5-10 minutes)
We do a quick brain break and I go over any thing I noticed from the first round or reiterate something.

1:25 Round 2 (15 minutes)
Again, I call kids out for their choices, they grab their materials and get started. I pull kids to my blue table for a small group.

1:40 Share and Check In
Come back together to share any math findings.

Where my kids get their activities from
We don’t have any scripted math program to use. We have our provincial curriculum which lists the outcomes that grade ones must know. I then plan and teach that however I see fit! Most activities I make on my own, find ideas from other bloggers or pinterest.

Each bin has a different activity in it. So I go to Math by Myself….I have 3 activities to choose from. In the bin there are 3 copies of each activity. So for Power Towers, 3 kids can go to that activity during 1 round.

photo 3 (28)photo 4 (22)

photo 5 (16)

This is my choice board. It is the same board I use for Daily 5 literacy, I just switch out the velcro choice cards.

Hope this gives you an idea to get you started!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm still working on fine tuning my math routines, so this was helpful.

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    1. I created it myself! Watching a lot of videos and reading articles!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I cannot wait to begin Daily 5 Math this fall! Keep posting... :)

  4. I've been wanting to try something like this for awhile. Thanks for the info.

  5. Renee - Is there some place I can purchase your math choice cards?

    1. LIke the velcro choice cards my kids put up? I will email them to you! Send me your email!

  6. I like the math choice cards, also. Will you send them to me too? My email is jeritta.gilbert@gmail..com


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