Sunday, 29 June 2014

Five for Friday (Sunday)

Kinda late…but it was our last day of school on Friday!



Here are some things we were working on right up until the last day of school!

1. Family Gifts

We don’t send home Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts, but we send home a gift at the end of June!

photo 1 (28)photo 2 (31)

2. Bridge to 10 (Make Ten) Strategy

Right up until the end, we were working on the Bridge to 10 or Make Ten strategy. We used our ten frames to play Battle +9. You add on to the 9 by taking 1 from the other number to make a nice even 10.

photo 2 (30)
photo 1 (27)

3. Manitoba Animal Project

Students had to research a Manitoba animal and design a representation of an environment that meets their needs.

photo 5 (17)photo 5 (18)

4. New manipulatives from Scholastic

I got these neat ten frame magnets from Scholastic. They have definitely helped us when working and modeling whole group.

photo 4 (23)

5. Presentation on Responsive Classroom

I had to present this past week to some summer instructors that will be working at our school on Responsive Classroom. Hopefully they will incorporate some of it into their summer program!

photo 3 (30)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! It has been pouring here for days….so I have been painting and finishing up renos. Bring on the sun!


  1. Great blog. I teach grade 1 in Winnipeg, too! Just found your site today. Definitely a follower!

  2. Looked thru your classroom pics and am wondering do your kiddies do their work on the floor all the time I didnt see any tables or chairs for them?

    1. Hi Jen. I have alternative seating. So I have 2 rectangle tables which seat 4 kids each. I have a smaller coffee like table which is low to the floor that the kids use cushions. I have 2 desks. And then kids can also pick clipboards and sit on the floor.


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