Monday, 28 April 2014

Tech Talk Thursday (on a Monday) Voice QR Codes

I missed sharing a Tech Talk last Thursday as we had Tri-Conferences going on!
So I am sharing it today! I have shared before about making QR codes with voice.

Here is a previous post you can check out:

QR Codes with a Twist

I would like to elaborate on an App I had mentioned back in that post called Chirbit.
It is fantastic. It does cost money, (99 cents I believe) and is totally worth it. We used it to record our voices sharing about our favourite stories. We then shared those QR codes at conferences.

photo (74)

One thing I love, is that it is an App and also a web application. So I can record the kids voices with the ipad, and then upload them to Chirbit. I can then instantly go on my computer right after and they are sitting right there in my account!

The other amazing thing, is that when you post to Chirbit and go on the web version, it has ALREADY created a QR Code for you for the voice!!! No need to take the link and pop it in a QR code generator. It already does the work for you!!!

Best part.

Here is what it looks like when on the App:

Chirbit Icon on the bottom with the microphone

photo 1 (3)

There are many options when in the App. You can look at your files you have previously recorded, record a new one, etc.

photo 2 (2)

When I click on record, this is what you see.

photo 3 (2)

You can start a new recording by clicking the green plus sign. When you are ready to record, click record. Easy Peasy. It turns into a stop button when you start recording. When you are finished, hit the blue arrow to upload your recording to Chirbit.

photo 4

Name it something you can find. and click Post to Chirbit!

photo 5 (4)

Literally seconds after you see Upload Complete, you can go on the website and find your recording!

Here is what it looks like on the site:


Here is the most amazing part…..I can click on the black and white square underneath it and up pops the QR code for that recording!

Ta-Da! Easy Peasy.

Another awesome thing is the creators of this App offer amazing support!

While I was recording my kids voices, an update came through for the App. I updated it and the next day went to finish my kids recordings. But the App wasn’t working properly. It would tell me it uploaded successfully to Chirbit, but then I would go on the website and not see the recording!!! GRRR

I clicked on the feedback link in the App and emailed the App support people with my problem. I received an email back in LITERALLY 2 minutes, (I kid you not) telling me they were going to look into this problem and get back to me. I had emailed them at 12:30 and by 5:00 I had received another email saying the problem was fixed! Holy Moly! I went online and indeed everything was good to go! Talk about customer support! I was so surprised to see that my feedback was read and fixed within the same day!

Seriously….go download it and try it out yourself!

Let me know if you have used this app before with your kids or have done voice recordings with QR codes another way! I am always looking for new ideas!


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