Thursday, 10 April 2014

Tech Talk Thursday: Mixing Art and Technology

Yesterday I had the chance to attend a full day PD put on by the Technology and Art Consultants in our division.

It was awesome to get a chance to see new ways to incorporate art into my classroom while using technology.

We first looked at the SAMR model. This model was developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura and describes technology integration through four different levels.


Substitution: Technology is used as a direct substitute for what you might do already, with no functional change.
Augmentation: Technology is a direct substitute, but there is functional improvement over what you did without the technology.
Modification: Technology allows you to significantly redesign the task.
Redefinition: Technology allows you to do what was previously not possible

(  Our job was to look at the Redefinition level and look at creating new tasks for our students that might not be possible without technology.  We were introduced to apps that moved away from content and focused on student creation.  There were many student creation apps talked about but we mainly looked at :  Adobe Ideas Explain Everything Comic Life Eraser Pro Superimpose Animoto Time Lapse Camera HD  Some of these are free and some are not.  Our morning work consisted of the art side. We were tasked with making a mask.
We needed to come up with an idea for our mask and document the whole process.

Here are some photos from my mask making project.

PicFrame (3)PicFramePicFrame (2)

The last photos include some other masks from my awesome colleagues!

I was going for an objects and materials mask as we are learning about that right now in science.

The afternoon focused on incorporating technology into our project.

Using the photos we had taken, we were introduced to some apps that could help students further their learning by moving to the next step with their creation.

Here are some of the idea we discussed:

1. Having students take the photos and document the art process. (Explain Everything, Educreations, Animoto Comic Life)
Students would create videos or how to lessons of how they created their piece. These could be used to teach other students in the class, explain knowledge and mastery or to be used next year for new students.
2. Using the photos and creating a Time Lapse Project. Speeding it up or slowing it down to show the whole process from start to finish. (Time Lapse Camera HD)
3. For the younger ones, I might have my kids use Educreations to create a re-tell of the steps of the project. They can put the photos in order and then record their voice going through step by step and giving a how to.
4. Using a photo/drawing/creating app to re-create the art piece in a different way. (Adobe Ideas)

Here is my mask after I uploaded it into Adobe Ideas and recreated it with different colours and textures.

Untitled 1

Untitled 1 copy

A lot of neat ideas I can’t wait to take back and use. I am going to go back to my room and try to make sure I am incorporating technology activities that are moving away from Substitution and towards Redefinition.

I know I am guilty sometimes of using technology as a direct substitute for something I was previously doing without enhancing the learning. Less game-content apps and more student creation and critical thinking apps! Not using the ipad as a worksheet!

Hope this gets you started thinking on how you are using technology in your classroom and how you can begin mixing in other content areas!

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