Sunday, 23 March 2014

5 for Friday (Sunday)

A little late but here it goes!
1. QR Codes

I shared a recent post about how to make QR Codes with an image behind it! My kids went around and looked at ten frames and wrote down combinations to make 10.

photo 1 (15)photo 4 (15)photo 2 (17)
2. Labelling with Thinglink
We also used the App Thinglink this week to work on some labelling and create an interactive image. Kids took a  picture of themselves and had to go in and label the 5 senses.
photo (2)
3. True or False Sort
We have been working on balancing number sentences and giving proof for why something is True or False. Here is a sort we did at Morning Meeting.
photo 1 (14)
4. Tallying
We read Tally O’Malley this week and having been working on tally marks in our small groups. Writing and counting them!
photo 5 (10)
5. Work on Writing
Found this writing piece while I was browsing through their Work on Writing folders. Love the way she spelt Ipad.
photo 4 (14)

Hope you had a great weekend! 1 more week until Spring Break for us!

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