Saturday, 22 February 2014

Five for Friday

I am writing  this post from my iPad it might be missing the usual fonts etc that it normally has.

Here are 5 things from the past week! 

1. Making combinations to 5 

In my small guided math groups, we were working on making combos to 5. 

2. Book Character Day 

Friday was Book Character day and I was dressed as Pete the Cat! 

I found these shoes at a thrift shop. They were grey and 2 sizes too big. I bought them anyway and painted them red ! 

3. The Giver 

I had never read this before and finally finished it tonight. Not sure how I feel about the ending though.... 

4. Pencil Sharpener sign 

Tired of coming back to a broken pencil sharpener when I am away. The kids know this sharpener is a a teacher one but forget that when I have a sub. Grrr.... See how this works! 

5. 100 day

Did I share this already? I forget because I share pics on Instagram but forget if I did here. Oh well glad it is over! Lol 

Have a great weekend!

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