Monday, 17 February 2014

Busy Times in Grade 1

We had today off of school for Louis Riel Day. He was a founder of the province of Manitoba and leader of the Metis people of the Canadian Prairies. Yay for a 3 day weekend!

Last week we were busy with Valentines activities, I Love to Read month activities as well as the normal on-goings. This week we continue to celebrate with 100 day tomorrow! I always over plan 100 day and then feel bummed that everything was rushed and didn’t work out the way I had planned. So this year we are scaling it back and doing: 100 day crowns and necklaces, 100 day number hunt, 100 day dice activity and then if time permits some 100 cups/100 puzzle time.

Here are some pics from last weeks activities:

I Love you Because…..notes

photo 1 (3)

We used our Valentine’s paper to write I Love You notes to our moms and dads. We wrote first on our whiteboards to work out our ideas and then copied on our final paper. They turned out so cute. Love grade 1 printing!

Making Words

We practiced first on our whiteboards with our foam letters. Students were given the letters for the word TECHNOLOGY and they had to move them around to create new words with their partner.

photo 2 (4)photo 3 (4)

We then used the letters in VALENTINES to create new words! This activity can be found in my TPT store.

photo 4 (4)

I’ll be back tomorrow with 100 day pictures! (even though most of you have already had your 100 day!)

Happy Monday!

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