Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Warm, Cool, Neutral Paintings

On Monday and Tuesday I only had 10 students. The windchill was –46 and buses weren’t running but we were open!

So we worked on some Art. It was great to do Art with only 10 kids!

photo 1 (87)

We talked about Warm, Cool and Neutral Colours. We discussed what these colours made us think of and how they made us feel.

photo 2 (89)photo 1 (86)

We then worked on some colour collages. Students were given a colour group to look and find and cut out of magazines.

photo 5 (51)photo 1 (88)photo 3 (76)
We also worked on some paintings using our warm, cool and neutral colours. We drew ground which reminded us of neutral colours, grass and water for the cool colours and a sun for the warm colours.
photo 4 (62)photo 5 (52)photo 1 (85)photo 2 (88)photo 4 (63)photo 5 (53)
We also added a new activity to Word Work. Magnetic Words!
Easy Peasy. Build it. Record it.
photo 2 (90)photo 3 (75)

Happy “Hump” Day!


  1. I bet 10 kids was heavenly!! But -46?! Yikes!
    Teaching in the Valley

    1. Yes too cold. But school is never closed!!!!! AHHHHH!!!

  2. Your art is beautiful! Oh to only have ten kids. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Thanks Tammy! They turned out really great!


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