Saturday, 25 January 2014

Five for Friday

A little late but here goes….my New Year’s resolution of blogging more is lacking…….

1. Pete the Cat and his 4 groovy buttons.
We worked on a new class book about Pete the Cat and his groovy buttons! Great tie in with all the subtraction we have been doing!

photo 1 (95)photo 2 (98)photo 3 (83)

2. More Subtraction and a new Math by Myself activity.
Students had to pick an animal card and roll the die. They then cross off that many animals on the card and write a number sentence to match. Easy and fun!

photo 2 (97)

3. Stamp It Word Work activity
Introduced a new activity in Word Work. Finally splurged and bought new lowercase stamps. I was using these tiny ones from the Dollar Store and they were awful. Simple again….stamp it…write it.

photo 4 (67)

4. 5 Senses book.
We worked on the sense of smell this week. Labelled the nose, wrote about what the parts of the nose do and how our sense of smell can protect us. We also did a smell test!

photo 3 (82)

5. 5 Senses Person
We also made a 5 senses person! Note: This one is not finished! We went through all the directions step by step and then students were sent off to complete it on their own! See finished pictures on a previous post {HERE}!

photo 5 (58)photo 4 (68)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your classroom book is great. My kids and I love classroom books.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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