Friday, 31 January 2014

Five for Friday

Stopping by to share some highlights from our week! Linking up with Doodle Bugs.

1. Book Doctor

I FINALLY cleaned out the Book Doctor bin. I took all the books home from the bin over Winter Break and they sat at home. I then carried them around in my car for a few weeks and then I finally fixed them all! Yahoo! This is just half of the pile of the books I finished. My kids are actually pretty great with handling the books. They get handled tons though and the pages in the scholastic ones seem to fall out soo easily!
photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)

2. Skip Counting by 10’s

We worked in some extra practice on skip counting by 10’s.

photo 1photo 4 (2)

3. Math Writing

Students worked on subtraction pictures in their math notebook job this week. This is a Math Writing choice in Math Daily 5. Math notebook idea comes from Kelly @ Tales from a Travelling Teacher.

photo 3

4. Math by Myself and Math with Someone

More math activities during Math Daily 5. Kids worked on subtracting in Bear Drop and tried out our new subtraction BUMP game!

photo 4photo 5 - Copy

5. Read Read Read!

We kicked off I love to Read month with an assembly on Thursday. Everyone brought reading materials to the assembly and the whole school read together for 10 minutes! It was so neat to look around and see everyone cozied up with a book. Teachers too! I looked down my row of kids and could see them so focused in their books and whisper reading to themselves. Made me proud. Here is another cute pic of my kids cozy-ing up with a book in the reading corner!

photo 2

Have a great weekend! Stay Warm!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Valentine Subtraction BUMP

Hey folks,

 I was inspired by Amanda over at First Grade Garden who posted a bunch of math freebies! So generous. She had posted some addition Bump games so I decided to make a subtraction Bump game!
Player 1 rolls both dice and creates a subtraction number sentence. They cover the answer with one of their game pieces. (cubes, etc) Player 2 rolls and covers their number. If player 1 has a cube on a number they need, they can BUMP them off! You can lock down a number so no one bumps you off by getting 2 game pieces on it. Game ends when all the numbers are locked down. Count who has the most game pieces on the board! Email me if you would like a copy!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Five for Friday

A little late but here goes….my New Year’s resolution of blogging more is lacking…….

1. Pete the Cat and his 4 groovy buttons.
We worked on a new class book about Pete the Cat and his groovy buttons! Great tie in with all the subtraction we have been doing!

photo 1 (95)photo 2 (98)photo 3 (83)

2. More Subtraction and a new Math by Myself activity.
Students had to pick an animal card and roll the die. They then cross off that many animals on the card and write a number sentence to match. Easy and fun!

photo 2 (97)

3. Stamp It Word Work activity
Introduced a new activity in Word Work. Finally splurged and bought new lowercase stamps. I was using these tiny ones from the Dollar Store and they were awful. Simple again….stamp it…write it.

photo 4 (67)

4. 5 Senses book.
We worked on the sense of smell this week. Labelled the nose, wrote about what the parts of the nose do and how our sense of smell can protect us. We also did a smell test!

photo 3 (82)

5. 5 Senses Person
We also made a 5 senses person! Note: This one is not finished! We went through all the directions step by step and then students were sent off to complete it on their own! See finished pictures on a previous post {HERE}!

photo 5 (58)photo 4 (68)

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

5 for Friday

Linking up with Doodlebugs! Check it out!


1. Subtraction Number Puzzles. Whipped up some new puzzles for math by myself.

photo 2 (96)photo 3 (81)

2. Subtraction Strategies: Counting Back

photo 1 (93)

3. Loose Tooth Subtraction (pages from Heidi Songs)

photo 4 (66)photo 5 (56)

4. Valentines Paper (KPM Doodles has cute new valentines clipart! Starting to get some letter paper and postcards ready for my kids!)

bird 2

5. Deck of Cards. Each kid got a deck of cards in their math bag this week! All labelled with a letter in case we find a card on the ground!


Friday, 10 January 2014

Five for Friday

Linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday…
1. We did some more Art today working on Warm and Cool colours.
It’s called Warm Hands……Cool Air. Finished pictures on Monday!
photo 1 (89)photo 2 (92)photo 3 (77)photo 4 (64)photo 5 (54)
2. My Etsy Cart
I’ve been trying to find some more knitting patterns to try out. Here are the patterns that are currently sitting in my Etsy cart.
photo 1 (90)photo 2 (93)photo 3 (78)
3. Things I have made
Recently I made a headband and some boot cuffs!
photo 2 (94)photo 3 (79)photo 1 (91)
Oops…..we did more this week I promise. But I forgot to take pictures. We sorted some number sentences by their strategy and worked on digraph sounds Sh, Th, Wh and Ch. :)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Warm, Cool, Neutral Paintings

On Monday and Tuesday I only had 10 students. The windchill was –46 and buses weren’t running but we were open!

So we worked on some Art. It was great to do Art with only 10 kids!

photo 1 (87)

We talked about Warm, Cool and Neutral Colours. We discussed what these colours made us think of and how they made us feel.

photo 2 (89)photo 1 (86)

We then worked on some colour collages. Students were given a colour group to look and find and cut out of magazines.

photo 5 (51)photo 1 (88)photo 3 (76)
We also worked on some paintings using our warm, cool and neutral colours. We drew ground which reminded us of neutral colours, grass and water for the cool colours and a sun for the warm colours.
photo 4 (62)photo 5 (52)photo 1 (85)photo 2 (88)photo 4 (63)photo 5 (53)
We also added a new activity to Word Work. Magnetic Words!
Easy Peasy. Build it. Record it.
photo 2 (90)photo 3 (75)

Happy “Hump” Day!
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