Monday, 2 December 2013

Beginning Sound Bingo and Math Daily 5 Ideas

Hello folks,
I finally found some time to share a bunch of photos! I finished my report cards and just have a bit of editing to do, so I am taking a break and blogging about things going on in our room!

First up, Math Daily 5. Here are pics and ideas of what we have been working on. Right now my kids are choosing from Math by Myself, Math with Someone and Math Writing.
 photo 1 (77)

Math by Myself Activities

Number Puzzles: I have shared about these before. I keep this bin running almost all year and switch out the puzzles based on different concepts. I use lots of foam pieces to make my puzzles, but also make ones with any quick materials I can find. (index cards and dots!) I have also grabbed a few free puzzles off of other bloggers!

Counting Caterpillar

Practice counting forwards and backwards on the caterpillar.  (Ignore the wood on the table….haha)

photo 4 (56)

Bears +1

Have 1 red bear sitting in the tray. (your +1) Roll the die and add that many more bears to the tray. Fill in the ten frame to match and record the number sentence.

photo 2 (83)

Number Puzzles

Matching numbers to ten frames, dot pictures and words.

photo 5 (46)

Math with Someone Activities

Clear the Board

Practicing counting on with dice. Place 10 counters each on the game board. Roll the dice, add the dots together and remove a counter if you have one under that number. First one to clear the board wins!

photo (42)

One Less

Roll the die. Find the number that is 1 less. Read the math talk card and place a counter on that number. First person to get 5 in a row wins.

I have also added some quick bingo activities in my guided reading groups for their word work section. This 1 is for my emergent readers who are still working on identifying capitals and lowercase and beginning sounds. The bingo cards are set up based on Beverly Tyner’s Scope and Sequence.
photo 1 (79)photo 2 (82)

Teacher can call out words that begin with those sounds and students put a counter on the beginning sound. Teachers can also call out capitals or lowercase letters and students have to find them.

There are 4 different bingo cards for each set of letters. Please email me if you would like a set.


  1. You have some great games here. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I would love a set of these bingo cards!


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