Sunday, 17 November 2013

Weekend Fun and Helping Readers

My computer is back! Yay! I am bound and determined to get back to blogging regularly!

This weekend I had a few lovely ladies over for a Pinterest Party!

The rules were:

*You had to make and bring 1 food item you pinned on Pinterest.
* You had to bring the materials to make 1 DIY project/craft you pinned on Pinterest.

If you are anything like me, I have TONS of things pinned and rarely go back to make/do them!

I decided to make this holiday wreath for my front door that I had saw on Pinterest.
Here is the original picture:

photo 2 (10)

And this is my version! I think it turned out pretty well! (little blurry)

photo 1 (73)

I also went to a PD a few weeks about about completing Observation Surveys and Running Records on kids. I already do the survey on all my kids in September and do Running Records regularly throughout the year. They gave us one article to read about Marie Clay and it talked about how to support readers during Guided Reading and Individual Conferences. I use a lot of the questions and words they listed all the time with my kids to help them become more independent in using strategies and self correcting. I thought it would be good to make a quick reference bookmark to help me remember things to ask my kids when they make errors.

It lists some important questions to ask when kids make errors in their reading. It helps students work on those cues that you analyze when doing a Running Record: Meaning, Structure and Visual Information. Email me for the freebie!  Note: These words are adapted from Marie Clay.


Hope you can use it!


  1. Thanks, Renee! I like your MSV Card. Also Welcome Back!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. Thanks for the MSV cards! We also just had a PD on running records too and although I already do them, I didn't really do much for MSV. Your cards will def help me out!


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