Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Line/Dot/Circle Family Art

Last week we worked on some Art that focused on using lines, dots and circles. We used them in a project incorporating, drawing, painting and collaborating.

I adapted a sheet from Mona Brooks “Drawing with Children” where she talks about The 5 Elements of Shape and introduces the Dot and Circle Family and the Line Family.

I introduced each of the families to the kids and we discussed what characteristics they had and how they were different from the other families. We then practiced doodling and using them freely in our notebooks.

We then moved to our Art project  and I gave each student a blank target shape and talked about the criteria for this project:

1. You need to draw 4 different families
2. Each ring needs to show a different family
3. Each ring needs to be a different colour.

Students drew with black crayon and then we painted with watercolours. Students were marked on whether or not they met the criteria. They also self-assessed themselves in the end based on the 3 established criteria.

photo 2 (77)photo 3 (65)photo 1 (75)

After the painting was dry, I trimmed each one and cut them into 4 equal squares. We then collaborated with other students to help trade and collect new pieces!

Each student had to go and trade 3 of their pieces with 3 new pieces from different friends. So in the end, you had 1 of your original pieces and 3 new ones! We glued them down back in that target shape and then trimmed the edges!

photo 4 (53)
photo 1 (76)

Here are the finished pieces all put up!

photo 2 (79)

Almost every student was able to meet all 3 criteria and those who didn’t honestly self-assessed themselves.

Other things we worked on last week and this week so far….

We added a new activity in Word Work called Build and Record. Pretty simple….you build and record! I raided old scrabble sets at thrift shops and threw out the game board and kept the tiles and racks! Great for building words.

photo 2 (78)

We also have been working on our new class book Pete the Cat! This is one of  my favourite class books to make and is great for those first few months as there isn’t tons of writing students need to add. They can follow the predictable pattern of Pete to figure of what goes where.

photo 3 (66)photo 4 (54)

Have a great week!


  1. Your classroom is fun, engaging and filled with learning! I am so inspired by you. Thank you for sharing your ideas and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Aw! Look at those great ti-ti music notes on the last Pete the cat page! Right on grade 1!
    Ps- I looooooove the art project.

  3. I love that art project, Renee!


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