Monday, 11 November 2013

5 for Monday

Seeing as my computer is still getting fixed, I thought I would try writing a post from my iPad on the Blogger App. 

I am calling this one 5 for Monday, as I've missed the Friday linky and haven't posted in forever! I do have some pics on my iPad of what we have been up to so I thought I would share! 

1. Word work 

My kids have been busy in word work practicing with Word Dough, Word Building Sticks and Chalkboard Words! 

Don't know if  I can rotate photos in this App so you will just have to take it as it is! 

2.  Math Daily 5 

We have been working on 1 more, 1 less, 2 more and 2 less and are connecting them to mental math strategies ! 

Here we are practicing a game whole group before it becomes a choice in Math with Someone. 

And here are my some of my kids getting a little more practice with it during small group. 

3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar 

In Theme, we worked on some days of the week practice. A lot of my kids have trouble reading our calendar and distinguishing between day, month and date. 

4. Ten Frame Practice 

More whole group practice with our ten frames. 

The kids keep all of there materials in their math bags to use during whole group, small group and math daily 5 choices. 

5. New family member 

We got a new kitten! I gave in and we went to the humane society and got another orange kitten. Our other orange guy is now a year and a half and tons of energy! This guy is the total opposite! Very calm, likes to be cuddled, quiet. A nice change! I am now officially a crazy cat lady! 

How cute is Reggie!!!???? Look at that long leg! Love! 

Hopefully I will get my computer back soon  and I can post and share more!!


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  1. I love orange kitties! So cute! Reggie is also an awesome name for a kitty. Congrats!
    Grade 4 Buzz


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