Thursday, 10 October 2013

Tech Talk Thursday and SLANT Box

Tech Talk Thursday Time! (TTTT)
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My kids have been working on their digital portfolios and getting them ready for Tri Conferences!

We spent lots of time practicing logging in and finding our notebooks! Then we talked about adding in the work that we have been doing so far in grade 1.
This is definitely a slooww process right now but has been getting faster and faster as we practice more! I am hoping that once we get through the first Tri Conferences, then kids can continue to add in info during class time every now and then.

Here are some pics of us working it out.

photo 1 (70)photo 3 (62)

I also wanted to share a great app I came across!

It’s called “Number Pieces Basic” and its FREE!

The App says “This base ten manipulative app is all of that and free to boot. It is excellent to demonstrate and/or model a variety of mathematical operations”


Go to itunes and search for “Number Pieces Basic”

I also received my Slant Box today from Texas! Thanks Anisa!!! Love! Already found places for everything!

photo 4 (51)photo 1 (71)
photo 5 (42)


  1. I'm glad you liked it!


  2. Hi! I participate in SLANT too and was wondering if you have received the updated list for October? I have already been contacted by the person sending to me but I have not been sent the list. I have no idea who my match is. I have tried contacting Jameson but have not heard back so I am asking other SLANTERS if they could forward me the list.
    Thanks you! :c)


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