Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Random Stuff

I missed Five for Friday, so today I am just dumping out some photos to share some random things!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving so we had Monday off! We also have this Friday off for Professional Development! Yay!

This morning we went on a field trip to Fort Whyte Alive which is a nature centre. It was cold outside and we spent most of the morning walking through the forest and marsh.

When we got back, we finished a sorting chart that we had started on Friday about how animals are getting ready for winter! Did you know that bears and squirrels are super nappers?? Well they are :)

photo 5 (43)

As I have mentioned before, we are working on getting our data folders ready to share with our parents at Conferences. The kids are really seeing where they are, what they need to work on and are setting goals to get there!

photo 1 (65)

(Note: This is not typical of most of my class. Most of my kiddos know under 10 sight words.)

I bought some Magna Doodles at the Dollar Store for Word Work.

photo 4 (52)

We worked on sorting some numbers in our math notebooks.

photo 3 (56)
photo 2 (64)

Leaf sketching in art.

That’s it! Some random photos from our days. See you on Thursday for Tech Talk!

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