Monday, 7 October 2013

Getting Ready for Guided Reading

We started school wide guided reading today with the Middle Years and will begin on Wednesday for the elementary. 2 days a cycle, for an hour, all EA’s are scheduled to be in classrooms to help support guided reading and teach small groups. I run guided reading every day, so it is nice to be able to take more groups a few times a cycle. Right now I have 5 guided reading groups scheduled and am meeting with 3 groups 4x a cycle, 1 group 5x a cycle and 1 group 6x a cycle (so every day)

Today was our first day practicing Daily 5 with me taking a small group. We have only built up stamina in Read to Self and Work on Writing to 20 minutes.  So we introduced the Daily 5 Board today and picked choices for 2 rounds.

photo 2 (63)
The fonts are a little different on the cards as I made them in my old division and then had to make a few more and couldn’t find the font again!

One of my groups is working on letter identification and letter sounds. We worked on the first set of letters in Beverly Tyner’s Emergent Stage. BSMAC.

In the Emergent stage, students match capitals to lowercase, play memory with name and sounds of letters, practice letter production, beginning sight word identification and sorting sentences. (as well as reading levelled text…usually Level A-B)

photo 1 (61)

This afternoon we went for a walk to a nearby forest to explore how the seasons are changing and getting ready for winter.

photo 4 (42)photo 5 (35)

Tomorrow we tackle our digital portfolios! Check back on Thursday for the update on Tech Talk!

Happy Monday!

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