Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A little break from teaching

Today was a loonngg day.

 I broke the little disc thing on the stylus for my ipad so now it doesn’t work. And you can only get new replacement disc thingies online. So I got to wait a few weeks now. I was on Walking School Bus this morning and there was another dead goose on the road. Poor Guy. And I am having a tough time with 2 of my boys and no support in the afternoons. (anyone have experience with kiddos who are oppositional and defiant?? :):) )

So after school I helped out with Grade 4 Orff Club where no one was sticking their tongue out at me, or blowing on other kids or eating their fingers or ignoring me or screaming. It was lovely. And then I went to my first Zumba class with some other people from my division and it was also quite fun!

I then came across this little skit that I had forgotten about that makes me laugh out loud. Seriously, watch.

Substitute Teacher: Key and Peele

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  1. Aw I'm glad your day was better in the end! Especially with Orff Club and Zumba! I love that video by the way... :)


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