Thursday, 26 September 2013

Tech Talk Thursday

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Thursday again and time for a second edition of Tech Talk Thursday! I’ve decided not to make it a linky and just devote every Thursday to another tech tidbit I have learned or am using!

Today I wanted to share 2 sites/apps that I use frequently.

The first site is called “Smart Apps for Kids” and is awesome|! Every day there are new education apps listed that are free or at a discounted price for a limited time! I have found a ton of great apps for the classroom and I check it quite often.
Click on the picture to check it out!


The second one is an app called “AppsGoneFree.” It is an app that lists about 5-6 apps every day that usually cost money but are free for 1 day! I find a lot of great apps for personal use as well as some occasional great education ones on here as well!

Click on the pic to download the app from itunes!

Apps Gone Free (Best Daily Top App Deals)
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  1. Have you checked out Appsfire? It's similar to AppsGoneFree but sometimes features different apps and you can sort them into categories. (Ie: education, book, etc.). Just found your blog tonight and loving it. A fellow Canadian (from Quebec).

    1. Thanks Rebecca! Just downloaded it!


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