Monday, 16 September 2013

Data Collection

Sorry Folks. I have been MIA lately. Everytime I plan to write a post, I end up working on something else and before you know it, its 12:00 and way past my bed time. I had good intentions to start a Thursday “Tech Talk” Linky last week and that fell through too. I am going to do it this Thursday though!!! So plan some techy blog posts about how you are using technology in your class and get ready to link up every Thursday with me!
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Today I want to talk about Data Collection. As I said back in earlier posts, I am trying to do most if not all of my data collection on my Ipad through Evernote and Kustom Note and a few other apps. So far it is going well. I will share more about that on Thursday when I wow you with my tech savvy-ness.

I also wanted to create a way for my kids to keep track of their data without displaying it all over our walls. We already have a school wide data wall which tracks students Fountas and Pinnell scores 3x a year. (Staff viewing only) I wanted something similar, but that was for each individual student.

In comes Data Collection folders. I saw a few other data folders pop up this summer and wanted to try it out.

photo 1 (59)

Students will be responsible for tracking data in reading, spelling, sight words and math facts. I just started with 4 this year to see how it goes.

photo 2 (61)

Each folder has 4 pockets to hold their data graph on the front….and then their pieces of data (spelling tests, running records) behind it.

Students are going to be responsible to track their progress each month and set goals for themselves based on what their data says. The data folders will then be shared by the students to their parents during tri-conferences so parents can see the progress.

I still have to work out what a few of the graphs will look like.

I used 2 black pocket portfolios and turned one inside out and double sided taped it. I used binder rings to hold it together. Not sure if it will work but we will see!

photo 3 (50)

What do you think?? Do you have your students track their own data?
Start thinking about a tech post for Thursday and come back and link up!

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