Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Chipmunks, Flowers and a class pet that almost wasn’t

A little bit of mish mash today. Today was technically our first day of school. The kids had opening day conferences, so they only came for 10 minutes to meet the teacher, pay their school supply fees and get a bit of information about the class.
Tomorrow is our first real day. I have staggered entrance so my kids come for half days tomorrow and Friday and then full days starting Monday.

One of my little guys gave me flowers when he came to his conference today! So sweet.
photo 5 (30)

I also decided to get a class pet. A few years ago someone gave me this cool fish bowl with gravel, a fake tree, a little scooping net, food, everything! I had been hoarding it under my desk for years and decided to put something in it.

Here he is in his new home. (it looks like a wine glass but it is actually very big)

photo 4 (35)

Before he made it there though, he almost got eaten. By my cat. I had him for literally 45 minutes and locked the fish in the bathroom so my cat wouldn’t get him. Mr. BF came home and left the bathroom door open. A few minutes later I catch my cat literally lapping up the water trying to get him!! Sheesh! He then whined and whined when I locked him out. Here he is ready to investigate.

photo 3 (45)

And I will leave you with some wilderness pics I took out at Otter Falls on my last free summer weekend before back to school!

photo 1 (55)
photo 2 (56)

Hope you had a great day!


  1. Love this post! Pics are making me want summer back though!


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