Tuesday, 20 August 2013

*Editable* Kid Labels

I figured out how to make a powerpoint editable!

There are 3 different boy poses and 3 different girl poses. Each boy and girl pose comes with 8 different coloured shirts, hair and skin colour! So 54 different kid labels! Hopefully you can find a label to fit everyone in your class! I also included black and white so you can save some ink. (which I usually use..lol)

The editable part comes in when you can add your kids names above the label to customize it just for them! You can use whatever cute font you want to add in the names for your kiddos!
coat hook names11
I plan to use these labels on my coat hooks this year and for my kids homework folders.

Giveaway is over!

So how do you grab these labels?

There are 2 ways:

1. Follow me on Instagram and then email me at reneesaintlaurent@hotmail.com and tell me your Instagram name and I will email you the labels!
(You can go to my Instagram page by clicking this button below or at the top right of my blog.)
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2. If you don’t have Instagram…email me at reneesaintlaurent@hotmail.com and share with me an Art project you love doing with your kids! ( materials and how to needed…lol)

There is a catch!! I am only giving this freebie away until Thursday at Midnight! Get it before I send it to my Teachers Notebook Shop!

Hope to hear from you!

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