Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Assessment with Evernote and Agenda Cards

I’ve been using Evernote for a while now and am continuing to find new ways to use it in the classroom. What I love about Evernote is it has so many things you can add into it. While taking notes , I can add a voice recording, add a photo, take a photo and the newest one I found is to add a table!

Evernote is a free App for your Ipad, Iphone and it even has a download for your computer and you can access your account and notes on the web!

I found an option where you can add a table into your note and some checkboxes. Thus using your IPad for assessment! You can create any sort of table you want with any sort on information you might want to keep a checklist on. You can then print it, email it, share it etc and you will be able to check all your notes on any device.

First, download Evernote on your Ipad or Iphone and download it on your computer. Create an account and you are ready to go!

I opened up Evernote on my computer (Web Version or download) and started a new note. You can copy and paste a table from word right into the note or create a table right in Evernote. I choose to copy and paste but whatever is easier! (Sorry I dont know why it’s blurry) I created a checklist to keep track of who brought their home reading back every day. Then you Sync it up and it will Sync to all your devices that you have Evernote on. So that now you can open up your Ipad and use the checklist to assess and keep track as you move around the room!

photo 2 (3)
ou can create checklists for anything and all it takes is a finger touch to add a check in the box. When you are done, you can view your checklist on any device and send your data to print!

This is what the checklist looks like when I open it up in Evernote on my Ipad. I can quickly assess and keep data on a multitude of things! You can also edit and change the checklists if you need to on the Ipad.

photo 1 (3)

Does this make sense?? Anyone using Evernote right now? Download it and play around with it!

Sorry for the blurry pics!

On another note..I’ve been getting lots of emails about my Agenda Cards that I made for my room and are in my classroom pictures. I’ve never posted them in my shop because everybody’s room is different and people use different wordings for different subjects. For example, I have Math Daily 5 while someone might want Math Stations or Math Tubs or Math Jobs or Math Centres!! I could never make every card you might ever want! However I did try to put together a list of agenda cards people might need or want. Check them out in my shop. If you purchase them and need something else made that fits your schedule that you do not see, I am willing! Just send me an email!

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  1. I didn't know you could use tables in Evernote! Nice!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. The agenda cards are great, thanks. I am also going to try out Evernote, this might be the answer to keeping me organized, one can only try ;). I do have a question for you... What kind of things do you do in Exploration time, is this your choices time? I have heard other people use this but I have never asked what it was exactly. Thanks again I have learned a lot from your blog!

    1. For me Explorations is a free choice time. The kids choose from a variety of things, building, meltybeads, drawing, writing, board games, puppets, painting etc.

  3. I have just started playing around with Evernote. Two questions...do you use the premium verion and is how did you get notebooks to save within another notebook? Thanks.

    1. I've only been using the free version so ill have to wait and see once school starts if it fills up fast and I have no space.

      As for notebooks...you can't make sub notebooks but you can make notebook stacks which is what I did. You can only do this on the web application though. Create the notebooks you want, then drag and drop on top of each other and they will create a sort of sub notebook. I had to google it to figure out how!


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