Monday, 22 July 2013

Monday Made It

I am linking up with Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics for her Monday Made It.

I saw this pin on Pinterest for word building. Which was awesome because I do this all the time already with my kids! We use Elkonin boxes or sound boxes as I call them every day! I use them whole group during our Morning Meeting for a quick assessment and also during my guided reading groups.

I have kids start with a vowel in the middle and then I call out changes for them to make:
Make the word rat.
Change 1 letter and turn rat into hat.
Change 1 letter to turn hat into hot.

Click on the pic to head over to Make, Take, Teach and get some word building lists and a mat!
 have my kids use the sound boxes with magnetic letters and with dry erase markers. I never had letter tiles to use until now! I have the plastic squares she mentions using but decided I didn’t want to write on them. Soo..I decided to use what I used for making my kids math bag counters. Foam Squares! Super easy to cut and make!

I buy these foam sheets from the Dollar Store for math counters and now word tiles!
photo 3 (36)

I then measure and mark out 1 inch squares. They fit perfectly on these sheets.

photo 4 (27)

I use a sharpie to write letters on the tiles. I like to make vowels 1 colour and consonants another. I decided to make 6 of each letter for each tray. Once written, let dry a few seconds and cut out!

photo 5 (22)

I usually use small clear trays that hold beads for my other letter tiles but couldn’t find them anymore. I did find these colourful ones at another dollar store. I like to label each compartment with the letter so that kids know where to put each tile back. It helps with organization and kids aren’t spending their time searching for a letter when they should be working. Some compartments have 2 letters.

photo 2 (44)

Finished Tiles! Each box will hold enough tiles for 3 kids to find the letters they need to build with during whole group. During small group, everyone will get their own box.

photo (85)

Cheap and easy!


  1. Hi Renee! This is an awesome idea for creating letter tiles! Thanks for sharing! Also, your blog background rules! Looking forward to reading more! Have a good one.
    Teaching 3rd with Mr G

  2. What a great idea! I have some foam sheets that I have been saving. I didn't know what I was going to do with them but I didn't want to just throw them away. You gave me a great project. Thanks for sharing your idea.

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

    1. Hi Tammy
      Yay! I use foam sheets and foam shapes for tons of activities in my room!

  3. That's a great idea! I love doing making words with my kids and that's a great way to make easy letters to use!

    My Kinder-Garden

    1. Thanks Crystal! I have scrabble letters and lots of letter tiles for word work but thought these would easy enough to make for whole group!

  4. I LOVE this idea! I think I might have to do that! :) I am your newest follower!

    Adventures in Room 204

  5. Hi Renee,
    This is a great idea! How well do the foam tiles hold up during the year? Do you find that you need to make a new set for the next school year?

    1. They hold up great! I've used them as math counters for my kids for 3 years now and only have had to replace a few that went missing. We do thought practice and model how to take care of them.


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