Sunday, 7 July 2013

Happy Canada Day and Summer!

OOPS….I wrote this post about a week ago and forgot to post I am about 6 days late but….Happy Canada Day!

It’s nice to be out of school and ALMOST on full summer break. I’m running a summer learning program until the 19th and then I can enjoy summer!

Right before school ended, we received our own iPad for our classroom! I found a great protective case at Target and already created a special lock screen to make sure it stays in our room!

photo (82)

I am excited to download some apps from my own iPad onto this one! It will be nice to have the school set to take out to do projects with and then a classroom one for portfolios, choice time and other activities!

My kids used Skitch tons this year and we are going to work on eportfolios next year with Evernote!

Do you have any favourite apps and programs for the ipad?

Also…..I have had TONS of people in the last little bit emailing me about my CAFE Headers and my CAFE strategies for my board in my room. I’ve been sharing them with anyone who wanted them and emailing people the files!

I think now I will just post them and if you want them, then great! The reason I hadn’t posted them before was because I was still a little unclear on the copyright stuff involved with Daily 5 and I didn’t want to get in trouble. I am sharing them for free and I am in no way affiliated with the Daily 5. This is just my version and take for my own classroom.

With that being said…..I didn’t make all of the strategies for my board. There are some I just don’t cover with my grade ones and when I was making these way back when….it was before my blog and just for myself! So if you notice some strategies are missing….I apologize. I did go back and add in a few more…so If you had previously asked for them and I emailed them to you…please come back and re-download!

Here are some pic’s of what they look like in my classroom…sorry for the laminating glare. I laminated the strategy cards and put velcro on the back. I then add a strategy to the board as I teach it.

June 13 2012 017June 13 2012 018June 13 2012 019June 13 2012 020

Thank you everyone for your support and interest!! Hope you can use them!
Click Below!

CAFE Owl Strategy Headers

CAFE Strategy Cards


  1. If you do CAFE are you supposed to do Daily 5? Pardon me, I'm new to this! How do they work together? I have a basic understanding of Daily 5, but am unsure how to use them together.

  2. Renee I can tell you really care about kids! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with your colleagues and giving us great freebies!!!!!

  3. Love these. What font did you use for the strategy cards in case I want to make other ones to match?

    1. It is called LD Mixed. It is from a site called Lettering Delights.


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