Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Using Ten frame cards for addition

Anybody use ten frame cards for addition?

We have been working on our make ten addition strategy in math and using our Power of Ten cards (ten frame cards) to help us!

Ten frame cards give students a great visual of what numbers look like. Once they visualize the numbers on a ten frame and subitize them….they are ready to add ten frames together!

We first used a full ten frame to help us with our 10+ facts. These are easier for kids to remember and will help them transition to 9+ facts.

photo 1 (28)

We played the game Battle of 10. (otherwise known as war with a twist)
Battle of 10

1. Students each take a ten from their ten frame deck and place it down in front of them. This card stays here for the whole game.
2. Students then each turn over 1 card from their deck. They add it to the ten and say their answer out loud.
In the picture …blue would say “ I have 15”… would say “ I have 17”
3. The player with the greatest sum would get to take all the cards! (The ten card stays there for the next turn)
4. If both players turn over the same number….you battle! I have kids turn over 2 cards face down and then their 3rd card is turned over face up! They add it to the ten and say their sum. Greatest sum takes ALL the cards from the battle!
Extension: We also play where the lowest sum wins the cards!

After we get really great with our Battle of 10 game……we play Battle of 9!

This time a 9 is placed down and kept there. Every card turned over is added to the 9 so we can practice our make ten strategy! We have to mentally see taking one from the other number to give to the 9 to make a friendly ten.

Ex. I have a 9 ten frame down and I turn over a 6. I think” I can take 1 from the 6 and give it to the 9 to make 10. That leaves me with 5 on the other card. 10 + 5 = 15.
make ten
All my kids have their own deck of ten frame cards in their math bag. We use them for games, independent practice, modelling etc.

How is everyone else using ten frames?

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