Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Finishing up!

Ahhh! We have a million things to finish and no time!

We worked on our Me on the Map circles last week and they look really cute! I forgot to take a pic of the completed map!

photo 1 (30)photo 2 (30)photo 3 (25)

We have also been working on our Non Fiction projects. We usually pick an animal or bug to learn more about and become an expert on! One of our outcomes in our science curriculum is “ Design a representation of an environment that meets the needs of a Manitoba animal.” So this year we are going to tie it in with our research projects. Each student chose a Manitoba animal or bug to become an expert on! Yes…we have Polar Bears in Manitoba!

We went through the same steps as last year using our RAN charts to sort info.
You can check that post out {HERE}

Every year we have done something different with the info in the end….fact sheets…..books…etc….this year we used the ipads to help us create our own Non Fiction Books!

Here is a friend working on his title page and table of contents in BookCreator.

photo 1 (29)photo 3 (24)

Check back later for our finished books!


  1. Love that you guys are doing your books on the iPads! :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

    1. Thanks Brandee! My kids are so great at using them and it actually speeds up our learning!

  2. I would love to use ipads more in our classroom this next year! I will have to check out your
    blog a little more to see if you have other technology ideas. Thanks, Jackie

    1. Me as well! Every class just received one of their own and we are getting more next year! I can't wait to do more projects on them!


  3. I want to see these finished books! Sooooo cool!


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