Wednesday, 26 June 2013

2 Days Left!

Today we took our Daily 5 outside and did read to self in the sun!

We did 2 rounds of just read to self outside with our book bins. Fun! Everyone was focused, engaged and deep into some just right books.

Except for one of my friends who came up worried because he saw an ant on the side of his book bin. I said “ brush him off and keep reading!”

2 more days!

photo 1 (39)photo 2 (39)

Friday, 21 June 2013

Five for Friday

5 for friday
I haven’t linked up in a while but with 1 week left of school….I have tons of photos of things we are finishing up!

1. Kandinsky Art
We studied the artist Wassily Kandinsky and then tried to re-create his Concentric Circles Piece.

photo 1 (32)photo 2 (32)photo 4 (21)photo (80)

2. Chia Pets
We made our Chia Pets again to end our Characteristics and Needs of Living Things Unit in Science. Click {HERE} to read a previous post of how to make them!

photo 2 (35)photo 1 (37)photo 1 (38)

3. Environment for our Manitoba Animal
Students worked through the Design Process to create a representation of an environment that meets the needs of a Manitoba animal.

photo 3 (29)photo 4 (22)photo 4 (23)

4. My new shoes!
Some new kicks from the clearance section at Old Navy! Yes, those are sea horses people!

photo (81)

5.  Skip Counting by 2`s socks!

photo 2 (38)

Have a great weekend! 1 week left!!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Family Gift Idea

Last year my kids made Flower Pot Pens for their family gift. We don’t do Mother’s Day or Father’s Day at our school but we do send home a Family Gift in June that the kids make.

Here is a pic from our pots last year.

June 22, 2012 018June 22, 2012 019

I revamped the little flower circles for the sticks. Send an email if you would like a copy.There are 3 different colour designs.


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Year End Gifts

7 more school days!

I put together my kids year end gifts today. I have done different things every year but really like my gift this year as it was cheap and fast and I think my kids will love it!

I like to send my kids home with something educational for them to use over the summer, so this year I decided to do books, cards and dice.

I ordered a book for each kid from Scholastic and will attach my owl bookmarks to them.

photo 3 (31)

I then created a little sheet of dice games and cards games that they could play at home! I printed it double sided on cardstock. I would have maybe laminated them but there was no time. I then put a deck of cards and 2 dice in a little clear gift bag. Punched 2 holes in the card and attached with a twist tie. Cut off the top of the gift bag and done!

photo 1 (36)photo 2 (36)

Click {HERE} to download the dice and card games!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Map Skills Freebie

9 more teaching days and we are done! Tomorrow is a Report Card Writing day so we have it off. Lucky for me I am done my report cards……all I need to do is a few re-reads!

In Social Studies…we have been working on the cluster “My Environment". Outcomes include identifying  Manitoba as our Province and Canada as our Country….constructing and interpreting maps and working on characteristics of a community!

I created a quick assessment for my kids so see if they were able to interpret a simple map using a key.

Students had to colour their animals the right colour, cut and then independently read the sentences, interpret the map and the glue the animals where they belonged!

It gave me a good idea of who was able to find the symbols in the key, interpret them and use that information to read the map!

photo 1 (31)photo 2 (31)photo 3 (26)

Ignore the hand drawn roads…I didn’t know how to make that part and had to use my mouse! They are very!

If you would like this freebie please email me for it! I am currently on Maternity Leave and will not be emailing out any freebies at this time. Thanks for understanding!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Finishing up!

Ahhh! We have a million things to finish and no time!

We worked on our Me on the Map circles last week and they look really cute! I forgot to take a pic of the completed map!

photo 1 (30)photo 2 (30)photo 3 (25)

We have also been working on our Non Fiction projects. We usually pick an animal or bug to learn more about and become an expert on! One of our outcomes in our science curriculum is “ Design a representation of an environment that meets the needs of a Manitoba animal.” So this year we are going to tie it in with our research projects. Each student chose a Manitoba animal or bug to become an expert on! Yes…we have Polar Bears in Manitoba!

We went through the same steps as last year using our RAN charts to sort info.
You can check that post out {HERE}

Every year we have done something different with the info in the end….fact sheets…..books…etc….this year we used the ipads to help us create our own Non Fiction Books!

Here is a friend working on his title page and table of contents in BookCreator.

photo 1 (29)photo 3 (24)

Check back later for our finished books!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Using Ten frame cards for addition

Anybody use ten frame cards for addition?

We have been working on our make ten addition strategy in math and using our Power of Ten cards (ten frame cards) to help us!

Ten frame cards give students a great visual of what numbers look like. Once they visualize the numbers on a ten frame and subitize them….they are ready to add ten frames together!

We first used a full ten frame to help us with our 10+ facts. These are easier for kids to remember and will help them transition to 9+ facts.

photo 1 (28)

We played the game Battle of 10. (otherwise known as war with a twist)
Battle of 10

1. Students each take a ten from their ten frame deck and place it down in front of them. This card stays here for the whole game.
2. Students then each turn over 1 card from their deck. They add it to the ten and say their answer out loud.
In the picture …blue would say “ I have 15”… would say “ I have 17”
3. The player with the greatest sum would get to take all the cards! (The ten card stays there for the next turn)
4. If both players turn over the same number….you battle! I have kids turn over 2 cards face down and then their 3rd card is turned over face up! They add it to the ten and say their sum. Greatest sum takes ALL the cards from the battle!
Extension: We also play where the lowest sum wins the cards!

After we get really great with our Battle of 10 game……we play Battle of 9!

This time a 9 is placed down and kept there. Every card turned over is added to the 9 so we can practice our make ten strategy! We have to mentally see taking one from the other number to give to the 9 to make a friendly ten.

Ex. I have a 9 ten frame down and I turn over a 6. I think” I can take 1 from the 6 and give it to the 9 to make 10. That leaves me with 5 on the other card. 10 + 5 = 15.
make ten
All my kids have their own deck of ten frame cards in their math bag. We use them for games, independent practice, modelling etc.

How is everyone else using ten frames?

Monday, 3 June 2013

Winner and Skitch!

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! It was a fast one but you got in there!

Congrats to the 2 winners Heather D and Rachel M! I will be emailing you ladies shortly!


Have you heard of Skitch? It is an awesome FREE App that my kids are able to do all by themselves!
It is great for labelling, web making, documenting info and much more! It is an Evernote App (which I love) and is great for Elementary!

My kids used Skitch last week to make webs of the Characteristics of Living Things.

photo 1 (27)photo 2 (27)photo 3 (22)

Anyone else used Skitch?
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