Monday, 27 May 2013

Needs of Living Things and the Power of an Ipad

We started talking about the Characteristics and Needs of Living things today in Science.
We began our discussion with the question “ How do you know if something is alive?”

photo 1 (23)

We brainstormed some ideas which led us to talk about the differing needs of things that are alive.

We used our knowledge of QR codes to watch 2 videos on Youtube that talked about the needs of an animal and the needs of a plant.

photo 2 (23)photo 3 (19)photo 4 (15)
We came back together and made a T chart of things animals need and the things plants need to stay alive.

Students then went back with a partner and used the App “Screenchomp” to share their new knowledge!

Let me tell you…..We sat for 15 minutes and went over everything they needed to do in ScreenChomp.
Take a picture of a page in your book
Zoom in, resize and place picture
Add words

There was quite a few steps and I was so amazed that when they went off to work NOT 1 PERSON  got it wrong or forgot!!

Usually I have some friends gluing their pants together,  others cutting the wrong pieces, others cutting cushions, while some friends sit their confused.
Not today folks! Today we were almost second graders….independently working..showing off our skills!

Technology is a powerful thing.

Here are some friends working hard to remember what plants need to survive!

photo 5 (14)


  1. How to you make your QR codes? I am getting a small set if ipads for my class next year, and this is a really neat idea!


    1. Hi Laurie

      There are lots of easy sites to make QR codes on. I use the site GoQRme. It's easy and fast. You can then download the QR code and save it like a picture . I then insert the picture into word or a PowerPoint , make it bigger, add a title etc.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Fantastic use of QR codes and Screen Chomp! Love it! I use DoodlecastPro (like Screen Chomp) with my firsties to have them "show what they know" They always amaze me with what they can do with the iPad and the engagement level.... well let's just say, WOW!

  3. Thank you for the courage and inspiration to try something new. I am wondering if my kinder kids can pull this of? They are going to love this.....possibilities are endless. Thank you.


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