Thursday, 2 May 2013

Backwards Counting

My kids are STRUGGLING are with this. We are having a hard time counting backwards from any number up to 100. 

“ Ok…let’s go around the circle and we are going to count backwards from 50. I’ll say the first number and then the next person says the next one and so on. Remember we are backwards counting!….50…..49…..48….47…46…45…44…43…42…41…40…49……….ummmm”

Sooo……I created a quick activity for my sub to do today with my kiddos to help with their backwards counting abilities!

Backwards Sheep Number Sort and Record!
(the name needs work)
I use cash register paper for my kids to glue their numbers on. It makes a nice long strip that’s the perfect size.
photo 1 (11)photo 5 (8)photo 2 (11)
There are 4 different ranges of numbers up to 100. Each range has 20 numbers that you need to cut, sort and glue in backwards order.
Students then record their numbers in backwards order on the recording sheet. Email me for a copy!
Yay for a personal day today! Off for a massage soon!


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