Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Linky and some Miro

I  am linking up with Kristen over at Ladybug’s Teacher Files for her and Elizabeth’s Optimum Organization Linky Party!
The ladies are asking:
What are some of your favourite organizational tools?
Here are some of mine!

1. My Math Daily 5 Bins

These have totally helped my kids in finding their activities and putting everything back neatly and independently! I also like how they are big because lots of our activities have manipulatives and these bins are the perfect size to store anything and everything!

photo 2 (24)

2. My Supply Bins

These bins how all those weird supplies we as grade 1 teachers collect. Toothpicks, cups, beads, yarn, balloons, felt, foam pieces….etc…..etc..
You never know when you might need a pompom right? Just today another teacher came by and said “ I need some Q-tips!! You have those right?” Well I didn’t…but I thought that would be a good addition!

photo 3 (20)

3.  My Job Organizers

These are new this year to my room! I was always making piles and putting things everywhere and forgetting where stuff was or what needed to be done. Now I have 5 bins at the front of my room….when I can’t to jobs right away…..they go in their bin until I can do it! They are wider as well then other bins, so they fit cardstock nice!

photo 1 (24)

How to YOU organize?? Link up!

On another note…..we have been learning about the artist Joan Miro in Art. We looked at his style or art…discussed his pieces and then created some of our own works like Miro!

We used this awesome Roll a Miro Game to start off! (not my idea….found on Pinterest)

photo 3 (21)photo 4 (17)photo 5 (16)photo 1 (25)photo 2 (25)photo 5 (15)

My plan was to make sculptures with them….but our paper was too flimsy…ah well..next time!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Needs of Living Things and the Power of an Ipad

We started talking about the Characteristics and Needs of Living things today in Science.
We began our discussion with the question “ How do you know if something is alive?”

photo 1 (23)

We brainstormed some ideas which led us to talk about the differing needs of things that are alive.

We used our knowledge of QR codes to watch 2 videos on Youtube that talked about the needs of an animal and the needs of a plant.

photo 2 (23)photo 3 (19)photo 4 (15)
We came back together and made a T chart of things animals need and the things plants need to stay alive.

Students then went back with a partner and used the App “Screenchomp” to share their new knowledge!

Let me tell you…..We sat for 15 minutes and went over everything they needed to do in ScreenChomp.
Take a picture of a page in your book
Zoom in, resize and place picture
Add words

There was quite a few steps and I was so amazed that when they went off to work NOT 1 PERSON  got it wrong or forgot!!

Usually I have some friends gluing their pants together,  others cutting the wrong pieces, others cutting cushions, while some friends sit their confused.
Not today folks! Today we were almost second graders….independently working..showing off our skills!

Technology is a powerful thing.

Here are some friends working hard to remember what plants need to survive!

photo 5 (14)

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Nearing the end….

Almost there! We go right till the end of June and I can see summer quickly approaching!

As I start to wrap things up with my kids and stress over all the things we still need to do….I am starting to look towards my new crop of kids. The majority of the students in kinder this year are EAL. Our school of 315 students has over 150 kids with English as an additional language. Soo..in order to help them prepare for grade 1, I created a package to send home with them over the summer.

I saw this idea on Doodle Bugs Teaching and thought it was a great idea!
I have put together 30 pages of printing practice (capitals and lowercase), sight word and short vowel recognition and spelling, number recognition to 50, patterning and much more!

I plan on putting them into duo-tangs complete with a sharpened pencil and giving them to my next years kids at our Steppin’ up Day. 

Here’s a look at a few of the pages.

getting ready for grade 1 pack

Anyone else do anything to support their next year’s kids over the summer?

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Mapping the Classroom

We have been working on some mapping skills during Social Studies. We did some brainstorming about maps, read some books about maps and then made our own! Our job was to create a map of the classroom. I pre-cut all the symbols for the groups and we built one together. They then went off with their group and had to make a map of the classroom!

Mapping in progress….

photo 1 (22)photo 5 (12)photo 2 (22)photo 3 (18)photo 4 (14)photo 5 (13)

We also took our new animal number line and worked on putting it in order backwards from 100-0! I have been doing our Strong Endings Assessment and a few friends are still having trouble counting back!

Here we are working it out together!

photo 1 (20)photo 2 (20)photo 4 (13)photo 3 (17)

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Cross the River Subtraction FREEBIE

Found it! Fixed it up a little and posted it for FREE!
Go to my TPT store to download for free.  

Click {HERE} to go back to my previous post to find the instructions of how to play!

Monday, 13 May 2013

math game

A friend had asked how to play the game “Cross the River” that I posted on my 5 for Friday post.

I thought I had the game to share with you guys on my computer but I can’t find it! I made it years ago before I knew anything about making stuff…lol knowing me, I named it something silly and cannot locate it! I’ll look for it and post it as a freebie when I do!

Here are the instructions though….

photo (79)

This is a subtraction game.

Materials: 1 Game board, 2 dice, each person needs 10 counters. (beans, chips, etc)

Directions: Each player sits on either side of the game board. You take your 10 game pieces and place them behind any numbers on your side. There will be 2 numbers without chips behind them. When it’s your turn, roll both dice and create a subtraction number sentence with them. EX: I roll a 5 and a 3…I say 5-3 = 2. If I have a chip behind number 2….I get to send it across the river onto their side. Take turns going back and forth dolling the dice and creating number sentences. The first person to get all their chips across the river wins!

Note: If you have a number sentence and you have no chip behind it…you lose your turn. I also have my kids record the number sentences that they roll.

As for the Freebie…..we have been working hard on getting ready for grade 2. Every year in September, our division does something called “Strong Beginnings” in math where we asses students on various math skills. At the end of the year we assess kids on the next grades “Strong Beginnings” to see if they are ready. So right now I am doing “Strong Endings” and assessing my kids based on the grade 2’s beginning of the year math assessment.

Long story short….we are working hard to fill in the gaps before the end of June!
One thing I have been doing lots of this year is balancing equations. My kids are awesome at this but could still use some help balancing when there are number sentences on either side of the equal sign.

Here is a page I am leaving for my sub this Friday.

 Balancing Number Sentences: True or False.

Simply cut off the bottom….and then cut out each number sentence. Solve and then sort and glue! I have also added a sort that you can do whole group as practice before heading off. (or in small group)

photo 1 (19)photo 2 (19)

Email me for a copy. Sorry folks, I am on Maternity Leave right now and will not be sending out any free items. Thanks for understanding. 

Friday, 10 May 2013

5 for Friday

I’m linking up again with Doodle Bugs for 5 for Friday! I love writing these posts because they are soo easy!

1. We are continuing to work on long vowel sounds with Super E! The superhero who gives all his powers to a vowel to make it say it’s name! (A.K.A Bossy E, when 2 vowels go walking…etc..lol)

photo 1 (18)photo 2 (18)photo 3 (16)

2. We introduced a new subtraction game in Math With Someone…Cross the River! This is an old game of mine and looks like he needs some clipart/font updating! Haha (oops the pic is a little blurry!)

photo (79)

3. It was pouring outside today so Indoor recess x3. BOO

photo 5 (11)

4. Even MORE backwards counting work. This was a job for Math Writing in our math notebooks. Cut, Sort and Glue.
 photo 4 (12)

5. Yay for the weekend! I know most friends in the US are ending school very soon but we go right till the end of June! Still a ways to go!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Jasper Johns Art and a Number Line!

This week we learned about the artist Jasper Johns. We looked at some of his famous paintings and had discussions around what we noticed when we looked at his different pieces. We also talked about his style of art making.


We took his painting “Colored Alphabet” and recreated our own in the style of Jasper Johns.

photo 5 (10)
photo 2 (15)photo 3 (13)photo 5 (9)photo 3 (12)photo 3 (14)photo 1 (17)photo 2 (17)

Number Lines!
I also mentioned a little while ago that my kids are having a hard time with backwards counting. Like jumping around to numbers not even close when counting backwards.

I tried some backwards counting sheep. NO luck.

I also realized that I only have a number line to 20 displayed in my room. We use a hundreds chart lots and sort numbers etc…but my kids use the visuals on our walls tons so I thought it would be a good idea to get a number line up on the walls that goes to 100 so they could visually see the numbers going forwards and backwards.
In comes yesterday evening…..

photo 1 (16)
Teachers…..don’t let teachers drink and laminate!
Just kidding I was fine. 
I printed them in black and white on bright coloured cardstock!
I hate printing in colour because:
1. Wastes Ink
2. I like the coloured cardstock and paper better
3. If I DO want colour at school…..the new printers yell at me!
Here is what comes up on my screen when I print in colour:
“This page costs $0.26 cents. Are you sure you want to print in colour?  You could save money be switching to gray scale. Do you want to switch  to gray scale?
NO!! You mean printer!!! Making me feel bad about 1 colour page!!
But here they are!
photo (78)
I used 5 different colours and each group of 10 numbers is a new colour.  I thought this might help my kids to notice the numbers when transitioning between decades. I also used a different animal for each decade. Maybe now we won’t be counting 84, 83, 82, 81, 80, 89, 75, 63, . Who knows!
Now just to find a place where I can post them in a long line and they are not too high or too low to be used!
Want your own cute animal number line to 100??
Click {HERE} to download the number line to 100 at my TPT store for free.

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